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Ivan L. Sanford  -  Warwick, NY

About the Artist

I spent four years as an art major in high school and three months of night studies at the Newark College of Fine and Industrial Arts...sigh...then I went to work...the last twenty-five years owning and operating an auto salvage yard before retiring in 2007.

Through all that time I still loved art...making collages and painting, reading books, going to shows and museums. All this on and off for fifty years. I began working on my art again in eanest a few years before retiring. Making collages with different types of paper and acrylic mediums. Currently working with oil sticks on wood panels.

You experience and observe a lot in over sixty-five years...people, sunrises, sunsets, cities, towns, farms, mountains, valleys and the ever changing ocean from small boats...being from Mississippi, I've even seen land so flat you can see the curvature of the earth, with different color fields going to the horizon...to be awed by Times Square in the mid fifties, learning to hide from the A Bomb under your School desk, rock and roll, High School trip to Pratt, JFK, cool jazz, the strange trip through the sixties and on and on.

Always with Art ever changing. To be there when Jackson, Rothko, and the rest of the New York artists were blowing the lid off the rules of the Art World...it was a heady experience and a wonderful time to desire to be an artist.

These many thoughts, memories and visions are what I see and what I work with to make my art. It is abstract and most of it is intuitive, though some are nominally representational. I leave it to the viewer to contemplate on what they see, as a finished painting or a form, shape or color...I cannot explain my art in academic or religious terms...I just need to do it and I do, not always with the success originally aimed for...but always pushing, learning and never without effort.

If you wish to reach me to comment, express an opinion or to purchase a painting, please click "Comment" and send a message. I hope you have enjoyed my work.

This site was set up by my son who is an artist by desire and education. Visit his website by clicking on his name "Ivan Sanford."